Parkcrest Elementary PAC

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of volunteer parents who meet each month to learn first hand about programs available at your child’s school, plan special events and develop fundraising ideas.  We discuss how to spend the money to benefit all our children at Parkcrest Elementary School.  Parkcrest’s PAC is an involved and vital support to the school. Please welcome the 2022-2023 Executive Team:

  • Co-Chairs:  Derek Gulkison & Lisa Nguyen
  • Outgoing Chair:  Kat Cumiskey
  • Vice-Chair:  Leanne Scaglione
  • Treasurer:  De Ding
  • Secretary:  Marisela Barajas Rodriguez
  • DPAC Representative:  Felicia Mothe
  • Fundraising CoordinatorVACANT
  • Events CoordinatorVACANT
  • Hot Lunch Coordinator:  Anita Wong
  • Veggie Program Coordinators:  Marisela Barajas Rodriguez & Ellie Kyong Eun Im

If you would like to contact us, please email us at:

All Parents or Guardians are welcome to join the monthly meetings.