Principal’s Message

As principal of Parkcrest Elementary, I want to welcome you to the Parkcrest community.  Our students, staff and families are welcoming and inclusive of both children and adults.

The Parkcrest community is always working to make Parkcrest School a safe, fun and inspiring place for all.  Our staff and community is committed to meeting the needs of all our learners and supporting students academically and through extra curricular activities.  There are a variety of sports available for students in the intermediate to participate in throughout the year.

Our school has stellar fine arts program, led by our music teacher, Ms. Liz Vaesen.  Students have the opportunity to experience music and instruments hands-on, starting in kindergarten.  From kindergarten to grade 6, students have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of instruments and also learn to read music.  In addition to this, we have two very impressive choirs that consist of students in the primary grades and intermediate grades.  Grade 7 students have the opportunity to participate in the school band and choose an instrument to play.  With all this rich instruction and opportunities, our Christmas concerts are impressive and parents line up early to get into our concert!

Updating our school library has also been a focus at the school over the last three years.  Through the generous support of community donors, we have been able to update our collection as well as our furniture.  New ergonomic chairs and tables make the library a favourite destination for students and adults.  Brightlinks technology has also been added to allow classes to use the library as an extended classroom.  Our librarian, Ms. Hain, welcomes students requests and fills the library with books that our students love!

Please contact me through email, telephone or in person if you would like to learn more about Parkcrest Elementary.



Navdeep Aujla